We only use speciality grade, seasonal coffee made by well known speciality roasters :

Clifton Coffee

Our coffee beans score 80 points or above on a 100-point scale to be labelled speciality. The beans have unique flavour profiles defined by the geographic microclimate in which they grow. They are distinctive because of their full cup taste and little to no defects.

All Coffee is available as decaf and of course is ground fresh to order.

Skimmed, coconut milk & soya milk available at no extra cost.

Our Coffees are all served double shot as standard, please let us know if you would like single coffee shots.


We steam our milk to 60 degrees to optimise the sweetness, body & texture of the milk. Once you pass this point, the protein in the milk begins to break down compromising the texture and flavour of the drink with bitterness becoming more apparent.


What is a chai latte? Chai is an array of spices combined with steamed milk. It is naturally free from caffeine, artificial preservatives, colourings and additives. You can take the chai syrup home with you for just £8.00 per bottle.