Luggage Storage

Yes that’s right, we offer daily luggage storage.

This came about simply because we had a lot of customers desperate to leave their bags for the day whilst they explore beautiful Bath.

We are in an ideal location ( opposite Bath Spa train station ) and have the space so we looked into it, we were checked out by the local police officers and have full insurance to cover any personal belongings.

All you have to do is pop in, sign a form, leave your bags and pick up by our closing time which is 6pm.

It’s as easy as that!

Our Menu

Our menu focusses on brunch which is served all day!
We offer a very good range from simple toast or teacakes to full english breakfasts, shakshuka, pancakes and kedgeree.
Our lunch menu is on our specials board planned and made from scratch by our talented chefs.
We also have a large vegetarian, gluten free and vegan offering.
Our cakes are all made in house by our full time baker. These cakes vary from our famous chocolate brownie to victoria sponge, granola bars, tray bakes and loafs.
All our food and cakes can be taken away too!


Our Coffee

All our coffees are espresso based.

Espresso – this is an intense, highly concentrated coffee. An espresso should be served in a warmed espresso cup with a lovely golden ‘crema’ layer on top. Each coffee we serve has to be up to our strict coffee recipe meaning the ground coffee is weighed and timed each time.

Machiatto – made the same way as an espresso but with a dash of foamed milk on top.

Café au Lait – espresso with half water, half milk. This drink is popular for people wanting a long stronger coffee but not with too much milk.

Flat White – this is by far the most popular drink on our menu. This short drink consists of espresso with lightly textured milk, served in our 6oz cups.

Cappuccino – Made of espresso and heavier textured milk. This coffee is perfect for someone wishing to have a larger coffee but still keeping the strength.


Latte – This drink is the longest drink on our menu. Perfect for our customers who wish to not have such strong coffees. Made of espresso and lightly textured milk.

Americano – our Americano’s are served black with a small jug of hot milk on the side.

Mocha – made with our double espresso, milk chocolate and textured milk served in our regular cup.

All of our milk based drinks are served with a touch of latte art by our well trained baristas 🙂


We are a small independent family run coffee shop in Bath, directly opposite the train station.
We opened the doors in June 2010 and now have just under 20 staff working with us.
It is important to us that you have a good experience from the moment you set foot in our doors to the moment you leave.
We source the very best products for you, ensuring everything is traceable and from local suppliers where possible.
We offer speciality grade coffee, fresh, seasonal food, homemade cakes and luggage storage.

I have started this blog to let you join our growing journey within the coffee shop business.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Welcome to Café au Lait.